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Bitcoin Is Currency Not An E-Ponzi Scheme

There has been copious warnings about Bitcoin from government authorities around the world. Words such as ‘volatility’, ‘bubble’, ‘money laundering’ and ‘terrorism’ is often thrown into the mix. But there is also the concern...

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BTC China Opens For Deposits Again With Incentives

Chinese Bitcoiners have much to celebrate apart from the Chinese New Year. One of the leading Bitcoin exchanges, BTC China, has once again started accepting deposits from customers and have thrown in some goodies...

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Entrepreneurs Trading In Bitcoin For A Living

Every ‘next big thing’ that gets widespread media attention tends to attract first time entrepreneurs who believe that they can strike gold. Forex trading, antique hunting and buying abandoned storage lockers are some of...

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Russia’s Turn On Bitcoin Puzzling For Most

Russia is all okay with Bitcoin, right? You would not be blamed to think that this is correct considering that Sberbank CEO Herman Gref has been so vocal about his approval for Bitcoin. Sberbank...